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By issuing several insert, update and delete statements against the test table we can see that the compound trigger is working as expected. Statement level triggers executes only once for each single transaction.
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  • 2) A trigger will update a table on remote site when a trigger is fired.
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  • So let's look at the following example: SQL> drop table t1 purge; Table dropped.
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    The Db2® data server supports row-level and statement-level triggers within a PL/SQL context.

  • The DML triggers in the following examples are designed to store a running total of a column in another table of the AdventureWorks2022 sample database.
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    2) A trigger will update a table on remote site when a trigger is fired.

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  • 1) A table has a trigger with "BEFORE DELETE OR UPDATE" and "FOR EACH ROW" clause.
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    A statement-level trigger is fired whenever a trigger event occurs on a table regardless of how many rows are affected.

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    Oracle has provided two clauses in the RECORD-level trigger to hold these values.