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I would assume that this same awkwardness goes with lap-sitting. Girl sits in your lap at a party.
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  • Their reply will depend on their relationship rank with you so like, if you punched Nazeem he's not gonna be groovy with playing Santa w/you.
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  • 'the baby was on her lap' has the same connotation (I think).
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  • Sit on my lap first.
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    Deja que un niño se siente en tu regazo.

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  • Tengo derecho a sentarme en tus rodillas.
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  • Feb 17, 2011 · It's funny, my 2yo daughter just recently started asking to sit on my laps, or sometimes "not this lap, your other lap".
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    I'm currently single and sometimes when I sit down a girl will come over and sit on my lap.

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